Stamped parts for the electronics industry . . .

Fairfit stamps complex and difficult to make components for the electronics industry. Not only can we stamp intricate components from metals as thin as 0.1mm, we can design and build the multi-stage tools.

We use precision equipment …

Fairfit offers a well-equipped metal pressing facility with power presses and multi-slide machines for the production of complicated parts. We make extensive use of Programmable Logic Controllers, which monitor all aspects of the stamping process to ensure the consistent, high quality production of parts.

Fairfit's prototype tooling system is also useful for designing electronic components. This unique and cost-effective system enables our customers to ‘test-run’ components and optimize the final design before committing to full production.

Our pressed metal components are incorporated into a wide variety of electronic products, such as GPS systems, cell phones, radio telephones, satellite solar panels, military hardware, domestic appliances and industrial electronic equipment. These include spring clips and contacts, battery terminals, heat sink clamps, cans, enclosures and RF shields, to name but a few.

The wide range of metals we’ve worked with includes steel, aluminum, stainless, spring stainless, brass, copper, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, nickel silver, tin plate, kovar and pre-plated alloys.

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