Wire & strip multislide forming . . .

We’ve operated multi-slide wire and strip forming machines throughout the history of the company and currently run seven different-sized machines. Multi-slide machines are designed for the production of complex shapes formed or bent from wire or strip. We can tool up the multi-slide machines to produce a diverse range of parts from simple buckle tongs and wire rings to intricate contacts for electronic applications.

Running a combination of multi-slides and standard power presses provides us with a range of options that many other stamping facilities don’t have when it comes to deciding on the best method of manufacture for your parts.

We have extensive experience in producing spring parts from wire or strip using various types of metal. Typical parts produced to customers’ specifications include:

  • Tiny phosphor bronze spring contacts for insertion and soldering into printer circuit boards.
  • Spring stainless ‘U’ core clips for holding transformer stacks together.
  • Battery terminals produced from nickel silver.
  • 'R' clips made from spring wire.

Some of these spring clips and contacts are produced from tooling run in standard power presses but most are manufactured on our multi-slide machines.

Spring clips, contacts and terminals are notoriously difficult to design and produce without prototyping and testing. To get accurate test data and reliable results it’s often necessary to have near production quality parts for this phase of product development. We can solve this problem by producing parts with our prototype tooling system.

Wire hooks, rings, D’s and squares . . .

We can produce bent and formed wire parts to your specifications. We also have an extensive range of hooks, rings, D’s, squares, rectangles and ovals that can be produced from our stock tooling. We have been supplying parts to industry sectors such as apparel, textile, retail, painters and powder-coaters, plastic molding companies, coat hanger manufacturers, fishing tackle manufacturers and distributors, marine suppliers and general industry.

Formed wire parts can be made from various metal types such as steel, brass, stainless and supplied with a range of finishes.

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