Toolmaking ...

Precision press tools are built to stamp parts in our press shop or for you to run in your own facility. Whether you need a simple single stage tool or the most complex multistage die built, the team at Fairfit can deliver the tooling option that best suits your needs.

Our toolmakers are specialists at designing and building metal stamping dies. With our vast knowledge of tooling methods and processes for producing stamped metal parts, we can offer useful advice on part design and material selection. If we're involved at an early stage in the product design process, we can contribute ideas that can often save time and money and practical part designs for economical tooling and long tool life.

Fairfit Prototype Tooling System . . .

Many of our customers have their parts prototyped using our system for initial development and small pre-production runs before committing to more expensive full production tooling.

Typical run sizes from this system range from ten to 100 parts and sometimes up to 5000 for extensive field testing or initial production runs. Prototype tooling can be altered more economically than full production tooling and the data gained can be very useful for optimizing the design.

In many cases, parts from our prototype tooling system can be produced within two weeks.

Prog Die 14 Station Prototype Part Toolmaking PDF
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