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Fairfit Valves

 Drag Free, Stainless Steel, Thru Hull Seacock

If you’re looking for speed . . .
Every detail counts when designing, building and fitting out your yacht. You need a clean drag free hull with Fairfit thru hull fittings that are perfectly fair when closed.

If you’re looking for strength and durability . . .
Fairfit Valves are extremely strong. The body is made from electro polished 316 stainless steel for long life and rigid installation. They are also lightweight and compact with a handle that folds flat when open.

Then your looking for a Fairfit Drag Free Stainless Steel Valve
The bottom through-hull sleeve and plunger are made from Ertalyte, a high density engineering plastic that can be cut and sanded to fair off to your hull profile. When the valve is closed and painted it’s almost indistinguishable from the rest of the hull.

Fairfit Valves are the through-hull fitting of choice for top boat-builders and re-fitters. These popular valves are race-proven on many leading yachts around the globe. These include past and present America’s Cup contenders, past Whitbread maxis and W60’s and Volvo Ocean 60’s, as well as numerous privately owned racing & cruising yachts.

Standard Sizes
3 standard size valves are available ex stock directly from Fairfit at factory prices.
SIZE (Hose ID)
19mm 3/4" Valve
25mm 1" Valve
38mm 1.5" Valve
Other sizes are made to order on request and can be customized to suit your specific installation. Custom made valves can have more than one tailpipe welded to the body in any position on the circumference and at any angle in the vertical plane. This design flexibility is very useful for connecting large diameter hoses and working with compact installations.

How to Buy Fairfit Valves:
Click the sales link to email enquiries or place orders. We will then email you a quote that includes freight and delivery times.

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Email us on: sales@fairfit.co.nz

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